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References PHOTON SOLAR – PV project references

Roof top PV system references

As of today, the PHOTON SOLAR supplier team provided more than 1,000 PV Solar roof top systems (PV Packages) to German and international clients. The system sizes range from small 3KWp to medium size 500KWp roof top systems. For larger PV farm references (1 MWp – 10 MWp), please refer to the separate “Ground mounting projects reference list”.

Hereafter, please find some of our roof top PV System references:

                                        27,75KWp Reference – School in Düsseldorf, Germany

                                              (promotion of the Ministry of the Environment)
                           PHOTON SOLAR & ELEKTROTECHNIK MICHEL (German Engineering)
                        Supported by the environmentally Office of the city of Düsseldorf, Germany.

                                                      Georg-Schulhoff-Schule (Top view)

                Düsseldorf, Germany: First green planting roof top with solar (grass below PV panels)

                                      - aesthetic pv system design with high performance -
Elegant design in full black – mono crystalline high power – special wall installation

   37,4 KWp Reference – School in DK:                       32,9 KWp Reference – School in DK:

  Fredensborg, Kokkedal Schule Ost                              Fredensborg, Kokkedal Schule West

                                                                      Private Clients

   3,84KW Reference                                                         4,94 KW Reference
   6470 Sydals                                                                    4660 Store Heddinge  

                                                       15KWp Baunaesgaard – reference

                             250 KWp Reference – airplane hangar, Heinsberg, Germany

                     PHOTON SOLAR & ELEKTROTECHNIK MICHEL (German Engineering)

                                                                  Air view photo

                                         MOROCCO & North Africa (PV Water Pump Systems)

PHOTON SOLAR is the leading PV panel manufacturer and supplier for the main distributor of LORENTZ water pumping systems in Morocco. Based on a 100 MW frame contract PHOTON SOLAR delivers container units of PV Panels on a regular monthly basis. The average size of our PV pump systems is 30KWp.

Ground mounting PV farm reference

NEW: December 2014 – PV Panel reference: 1.6 MW PV Farm – Germany


                  1.6MW PV Farm Ground Mounting Assembly – 07381 Pößneck, South Germany
                      250W polycrystalline PV panels provided and supplied by PHOTON SOLAR
                                   Latest expansion (Dec 2014): 1,400pcs x 250W = 350KWp

Above mentioned number of references is a small part only. Upon request, more references in other countries can be demonstrated.  For larger PV farm references, please refer to the separate “Ground mounting projects reference list”

                                     Photovoltaic statistics – Dec of 2014:
WORLDWIDE: Installed PV capacity about approx. 150 GIGAWATTp
GERMANY:  2 millions of PV systems about approx. 40 GIGAWATTp
PV production Germany:        Average 900 kwh p.a. per installed 1 KWp.
PV production Africa: Average 2,000 kwh p.a. per installed 1 KWp.

PV units of measure:     PV units of measure:     4 x 250 Wp = 1,000 Wp   
1,000 Wp = 1 KWp 1,000 KWp = 1 MWp 1,000 MWp = 1 GWp
                                                                                                                 Document status Dec 12, 2014

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